The 2-way semi-precast
lightweight flat slab

Airdeck is a semi-precast lightweight floor.

The system exist of a concrete element on which Airboxes are installed. These void formers guarantee significant weight savings on the floors.

With Airdeck, you can count on a full-service floor system:

both engineering and design, delivery of the floors on-site and complete support all the way.

With lightweight floors, you have a lot of advantages.

  • Large elements

  • Fast installation

  • Engineered in detail

  • Less errors on-site

  • Weight reduction up to 35%

  • We optimize the building structure

  • We make sure your project can be build fast and good

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Lightweight floors? 

That's many advantages for your complete
building structure! 

With lightweight floors, you have a lot of advantages

  • Flat floors without beams or supporting walls

  • Large open spaces with lot of opportunities

  • Budget friendly and fast solution!

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